WEATHER ALERT. If schools are closed in your area, senior meal programs are also closed. Please call ahead before venturing out to your congregate dining room to be sure that it is open. We want everyone to remain safe and avoid driving in inclement weather.


Whatever your age and level of ability, your daily food choices can make an enormous difference in how you feel and look. Here are just some of the benefits of a well-balanced and nourishing meal:

  •   Strength
  •   Energy
  •   A sharp mind
  •   Emotional well-being
  •   Reduction of serious health risks
  •   Fast recovery from illness or surgery
Our Back Story on Healthy Eating

It started in 1973 when the Northeastern Vermont Development Association launched Project Seniors as a noontime program featuring well-balanced meals served in a social setting. The St. Johnsbury location was only the second one in all of Vermont. Throughout our progression from the Area Agency on Aging to the NEK Council, our nutrition initiative remains a cornerstone of our outreach. We are affiliated with the nationally recognized Meals on Wheels America.

Today, whether you are an older adult who can’t get out to shop for food, are recovering from surgery and can’t cook (and need temporary meals delivered), or you want to get out and join your friends and neighbors in a community dining experience, the Council on Aging has resources to help you be healthy, happy and enthusiastic about what you eat.

Ask us about the special meals that can be prepared for diabetics and vegetarians.

Meals on Wheels

Let's Do Lunch Meal Site Locations

Shop Local and Eat Well

Many kitchens which participate in the community dining experience buy Vermont-fresh produce and organic beef from Green Mountain Farm Direct (GMFD), one of our key partners in promoting good nutrition throughout the Northeast Kingdom. GMFD is a regional food distribution system that provides Vermont farm products to schools and other institutions strengthening our communities’ economy while providing healthy, fresh food grown locally.

GMFD also accepts customers who band together as buying clubs for once-a-week deliveries. This is ideal for multi-generational families, neighbors and even groups of friends or co-workers.

Green Mountain Farm Direct

Food Resource Directory for residents of Orleans and northern Essex Counties



Pets for Life

In 2009 the NEK Council on Aging launched Meals to Pets, a program to help Meals on Wheels recipients in-need by supplying them with food for their companion animals. Generous support from the Banfield Charitable Trust and the Meals on Wheels Association helped this endeavor get started.

With increased community awareness that companion animals can have a huge positive influence on the lives of older adults and homebound Vermonters, the Council in 2010 established the Northeast Kingdom Pets for Life. Donations to this program are gratefully accepted at all our offices.

Pets for Life is intended for the domestic animals – furry or winged ─ that keep company with an older or disabled adult. Any Meals on Wheels recipients may inquire for assistance.


Want more information about nutritious meals? Contact Lallie Mambourg, our Nutrition Director: 1-800-642-5119.

Or, send e-mail to